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Nantucket Folk Artist

Marcus Foley



Quality Craftsmanship

Award-winning artist, Marcus Foley has gained the attention of curators and collectors from around the world. From his childhood in the West Indies, where he would sit with local Jamaican carvers and carve canes out of guava sticks, to the masterful works of art he creates today, that childlike love and patience is infused into everything he creates.


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We are so inspired by Marcus’ vision and artistry. He is such a kind soul and that comes across in his work. He truly brings wood to life in such a creative interpretive way. His whales are unsurpassed!
— Jose & Heather Sapia
You feel the energy from Marcus’ work. It’s incredible. I love my custom pieces. I have a lot of art in my home but those two pieces are the most talked about.
— Heather Campbell
I love the roots design he maintains by not forcing a carving out of a piece of wood but lets that particular piece dictate what will become the end result. Being able to utilize the differant types of wood and grain, that’s what makes Marcus’ work original, that’s where the magic is.
— Jarek Cohen


My work

I search New England for the best, reclaimed lumber. Each piece is handpicked with it’s own history and unique character. I have to see something within the wood. It speaks to me. I collect a variety of wood species because they all have their own strengths and charms, depending on the piece I’m creating.



About Me


I grew up in the rural mountains of Montego Bay, Jamaica, surrounded by creativity and resourcefulness. Extreme poverty was an integral part of the recipe that strengthened my passion to create.

When I found Nantucket at 19, I knew I found another magical place —one filled with unique people, breathtaking natural beauty, and the same resourcefulness and creativity as the island of my youth. Now I’m living the life of my dreams with my beautiful wife and our two young sons.

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